CNN Commentator Slams Jeffrey Lord For Comparing 'Vagina-Grabbing' Donald Trump To MLK

He had to know this wouldn’t end well for him.

CNN political commentator Symone Sanders issued a brutal takedown of fellow pundit Jeffrey Lord after he bizarrely called President Donald Trump “the Martin Luther King of health care.”

“I want to say something here that I know will probably drive Symone crazy, but think of President Trump as the Martin Luther King of health care,” Lord said Thursday on CNN’s “New Day.”

Lord was right about one thing. Turns out, Sanders didn’t appreciate the comparison at all.

The moment CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord compares MLK Jr to Donald Trump.
The moment CNN political commentator Jeffrey Lord compares MLK Jr to Donald Trump.

“Jeffrey, you do understand that Dr. King was marching for civil rights because people that look like me were being beaten, dogs were being sicced on them, basic human rights were being withheld from these people merely because the color of their skin?” Sanders shot back.

“So let’s not equate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize winner, to the vagina-grabbing President Donald Trump.”

Lord continued to try and defend his point, claiming Trump is peddling the GOP’s health care plans the same way King fought for civil rights. But Sanders wasn’t having it.

“No, there is no similarity. What Donald Trump is doing is he’s in over his head,” she said. “He doesn’t understand that health care is a complicated issue. ... And he doesn’t understand that these are people’s lives.”

Sanders criticized Lord on Twitter after the show for his “foolishness.”

So to recap this week: Don’t compare MLK Jr to Trump and don’t make Hitler comparisons. Period.

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