CNN Uses Toy Plane To Analyze Missing Malaysia Flight

CNN Actually Did This

CNN's commitment (obsession) to its coverage of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has taken an interesting turn.

While reporting extensively on Flight 370, the Boeing 777 carrying 239 people that went missing early last Saturday, CNN introduced a new prop in order to really take its investigation to the next level.

CNN cuts back on costly graphics |

— Mike Doran (@Doranimated) March 14, 2014

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end. CNN continued to use the same toy plane during its coverage on Saturday, testing out different disappearance theories by pointing to different parts of the toy.

Good job @CNN. A toy plane. That's real journalism right there.

— Danny Stearns (@sweatysoul) March 15, 2014

Even Don Lemon joined in.

It wasn't long before viewers began to take notice of the network's newest addition. Let the Twitter madness begin:

You can watch Don Lemon's hands-on analysis using the toy plane below:

(h/t: Twitchy)

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