Jim Acosta said the White House celebration over health care advancing was "a bit premature."

CNN Tonight” host Don Lemon said President Donald Trump took a “victory lap” with a big ceremony at the White House in celebration of the House passing its health care bill on Thursday.

“Is he celebrating a little prematurely?” Lemon asked senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

“They might want to call up ‘Schoolhouse Rock’ on YouTube,” Acosta suggested. “Holding a victory party in the Rose Garden of the White House after something passes in the House, that might be a bit premature.”

He said Trump acknowledged that later in the day, saying the bill would likely change in the Senate.

“We’re a long way off from an actual Rose Garden signing ceremony,” he said.

April Ryan, Washington bureau chief of American Urban Radio Networks, said she had channeled “Schoolhouse Rock” as well.

“This is not really a victory, it’s a winning picture that he wants to present, but it’s a partial victory,” she said. “The issue really happens next week, when the true numbers ― the CBO score ― come out, so we’ll see if they’re still doing a victory lap then.”

As the network went to a commercial break, they played an excerpt of “I’m Just a Bill” (above) from the “Schoolhouse Rock” series.

Republicans in the Senate have said they plan to craft their own bill rather than take up the one passed by the House.

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