CNN's Victoria Arbiter: Kate Middleton 'Brilliant' For 'Delivering A Boy' On The 'First Time' (VIDEO)

This CNN Commentator's Praise Is Totally Lost On Us

CNN royal commentator Victoria Arbiter couldn't hide her excitement when news broke that the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to a baby boy on Monday (see update below).

"I can't believe we finally, after all this waiting, know that we have a boy," she said shortly after the birth was announced. "My first thought, I have to say, was this is how brilliant a royal Kate is. There are women throughout British royal family history that have panicked over not being able to deliver a boy. And here we are -- Kate did it first time."

We're not sure if her praise is lost on us because the U.S. is not a constitutional monarchy, or because it's 2013.

UPDATE: Arbiter took to Twitter to clarify her comments and respond to viewers. "It was tongue in cheek based on the shocking history," she wrote.

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June 15, 2013

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