CNN's Brooke Baldwin Blasts 'The View' For Attacking Carly Fiorina's Looks

"Double standard much?"

CNN's Brooke Baldwin tore into the hosts of "The View" on Thursday for criticizing Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina's appearance.

"I saw something today that angered me," Baldwin said on "Newsroom." "Not just as a journalist, but as a woman."

Baldwin showed a clip from ABC's "The View," in which the show's co-hosts mocked Fiorina's smile during Wednesday's CNBC Republican primary debate. Michelle Collins went as far as to say Fiorina looked "demented," a criticism that was echoed by Whoopi Goldberg. Joy Behar jumped in and said Fiorina's face should be turned into a Halloween mask.

Ironically, the presidential hopeful acknowledged during this week's debate that she has been criticized in the past for not smiling enough.

"Listen, I love 'The View," Baldwin said. "But ladies, come on. Double standard much?"

"We women can be the worst to one another. ... I know these women on 'The View' get called out. So do I. I get it. This is the job we signed up for," she added. "But still, we can do better than that. And how do I know this?"

Baldwin ended her segment with a clip from the ABC daytime show that highlights Behar questioning presidential candidate Donald Trump for attacking Fiorina's appearance rather than her policies.

"Why don't you talk about her brain instead of her face?" the host asked the candidate in September.

Watch the clip from "CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin" above.

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