CNN's Global Gateway Vision in the Desert Features Technology Futurist Ian Khan

I recently had the opportunity of working with CNN’s team in the Middle East on their latest episode of Global Gateway - Vision in the Desert. This episode covers key technology initiatives within Dubai and how this desert nation plans to be a dominant force in enabling value through technology. In specific Blockchain is a big focus in Dubai and the Government of Dubai plans to go 100% Blockchain by 2020. We spoke about Blockchain, Innovation within the Transportation Sector and many other interesting things about to happen in Dubai.

One of the most significant challenges the Middle East faces right now is the ability to move away form Oil dependency and enter an era of economies powered by new sectors. Dubai in this regard has been pushing the ideology to incorporate the “First to” market approach and to be fair has been quite successful. For me what stands out when it comes to Dubai is the ability of the leadership to acknowledge and address a growth challenge in a manner we do not see anywhere.

Among some of the other initiatives I have been recently part of in Dubai have been the Annual Investment Meeting 2017, AIM Startups 2017, GITEX and others. Some of the notable and must attend conferences in 2018 definitely include Future Energy Week in Abu Dhabi. Prestel Family Business Conference 2018, Annual Investment Meeting 2018, Future Cities 2018, Dubai Health Forum 2018, IoTx2018, Blockchain 2018 and many more.There is definitely a lot of market activity from investments to technology and healthcare to every other sector brimming with activity.

Watch the clip from CNN’s Global gateway here and continue the conversation about how technology can enable different outcomes for us.

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