CNN's Lou Dobbs Joins Glenn Beck's Tinfoil-Hat Brigade

Glenn Beck must be looking over his shoulder these days.

CNN's well-tailored droneologist and resident crackpot, Lou Dobbs, has just joined cable's tinfoil-hat crowd as a full-blown member of Birthers of a Nation.

Seriously, CNN, it's way past time to move this pompous bloviator over to sister station CNN Headcase News and give him his own live show there, just like you did with Beck. Big Lou can then use it as a training camp for a future Fox News gig. (Just keep him away from sharp objects in the studio).

I've been listening to Mr. Broken Borders' radio show the past month, working on a radio-TV newspaper column. Then, one day last week, LouDicrous issued forth this somewhat surprising dictum:

"Obama should put his birth certificate out there. I'm still looking for validation."

You want validation, Lou? Then have your parking stub stamped at the Big and Tall store in the mall.

Want more proof Lou's gone off the deep end?

His radio web site lists his recommended book this week as Sen. Jim "Franklin" DeMint's "Saving Freedom: We Can Stop America's Slide Into Socialism."

Yes, the very same "Obama's Waterloo" crackpot from the Palmreading, er, Palmetto State. Bet it's a real page-turner.

The CNN gasbag -- hey, I think the world of Lou because he's built like it -- has also tut-tutted on his radio outfall lately that President Obama is "gallivanting" around the country, trying to sell his "crazy" health-care plan. Lou opines that such reckless disregard for fiscal sanity is turning us into a "banana republic." I'm guessing Lou isn't referring here to his diet.

And, predictably, Dobbs, who coyly and preposterously dropped hints last year he might run for President someday (on the Larouche ticket, peut-etre?) has been regularly dragging out the phrase "class war" on his dimbulb radio show, referring to the possibility that his fellow rich guys may have to help pay for this wacky Marxist idea called universal health care. Why, he sputtered, it's...unconstitutional.

Ever notice that every right-wing radio host without exception -- and all his callers -- are constitutional-law experts? I've been covering right-wing radio for various newspapers for two decades now, and this is the dominant theme in their silly symphonies.

But let's not be too harsh here on Jabba the CNN Commentator.

On his radio show this week, Dobbs did allow that "No one has any proof Obama wasn't born here."

That's reassuring.

Dobbs also told the knucklewalkers in his radio audience this week that Obama's health-care legislation was a "crazy" idea.

And, of course, if anyone is an expert on "crazy," it's Big Lou -- and his little rubber-room buddy and soulmate, Beck.