CNN's Wolf Blitzer, Jessica Yellin Discuss Marijuana (VIDEO)

Things got a little personal for CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Jessica Yellin during a report about Congressman Barney Frank partner's bust for possession of marijuana in 2007. Frank denies that he knew the marijuana plant was in the house; indeed he wouldn't have recognized it because he's not 'an outdoorsy type.'

Yellin was skeptical and asked Blitzer if he would know what a marijuana plant looks like. Blitzer replies, "I'm not sure I would know. I could smell it. I know what it would smell like. But I'm not sure . . . let's check in with Lou Dobbs."

Luckily Blitzer tossed it Dobbs right as Yellin was asking him how he knows what it smells like. Dobbs notes to them, "You got out of that just in time to save both your careers."