CO2 Famine: Exxon-Paid Scientist Says Earth Is Short On Greenhouse Gases (VIDEO)

The Senate's Environment and Public Works Committee had an unusual guest recently: a man who says we are in a carbon dioxide famine. Treehugger's John Laumer spotted the video, which is actually really much more interesting to watch than a lot of scientist-on-politician action. Part of it is just his manner -- lazily slumped over a chair, smirkingly saying that our planet used to have four times as much CO2, and that things were "prosperous" then.

Somehow it always comes back to this:

"Senator Barbara Boxer, a California Democrat who heads the committee, said after Happer's testimony that he is affiliated with an institute that received hundreds of thousands of dollars from ExxonMobil over the past decade."

With that in mind, check out this video. Especially interesting is when Boxer points out that "a lot has changed" in 80 million years, which is actually a rebuttal of something Dr. Happer has said.