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Coach Sues Jo-Ann Fabrics Over Blizzard Fleece Design (PHOTOS, POLL)

Do-it-yourselfers, beware: Coach is suing Jo-Ann Fabrics for trademark infringement, Women's Wear Daily writes.

The handbag purveyor claims that the store's Blizzard Fleece fabric featuring elongated Os is too similar to Coach's Cs, and has caused "consumer confusion." The difference between Os and Cs is super-ocnfusing confusing and totally tripped us up at age 3.

The complaint [also] charges the defendants with trade dress and copyright infringement, trademark counterfeiting, false designation of origin, false advertising and trademark dilution.

Coach is seeking an injunction, statutory damages of $2 million per counterfeit mark, per type of counterfeit good, punitive damages, attorneys' fees and other costs.

Perso, we think if someone wants to walk around in a hand-made, head-to-toe, fleece ensemble (please remember, we're talking about the warmest fabric ever) vaguely resembling a brand last relevant in 2000, Coach should let him or her do so. Just because it sounds like something we'd really enjoy seeing, you know, trademark issues and crimes of fashion aside.

Here are the the absolute smallest photographs in the world that we could find (thanks, Styleite) of a Coach purse (left) and the Jo-Ann fabric (right).

What do you think?