High School Football Coach Wrestles Strongest Player In Friendly Match To Inspire Team Unity

Well this isn't in the training manual.

To spice up off-season workouts, a high school football coach in Carrollton, Texas, challenged one of his strongest players to a friendly wrestling match, outlets reported.

In a viral video posted Feb. 6 on YouTube, coach Brian Brazil of Hebron High School and 6-foot-1, 240-pound defensive end Julian Harris engage in a back-and-forth tussle before cheering team members. The coach wins by pin, and the two combatants exchange a hug.

Brazil, a former TCU offensive tackle who has been Hebron's coach since it opened in 1999, said he hoped the spirited competition would foster team unity in the wake of a losing season. "Kids know we are all part of it," he told CBS in Dallas/Forth Worth. "We're all working together."

One of the spectators, lineman Antonio Montez, told the station: "It shows he's with us and wants to help us."

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