Coachella 2011 Sold Out Already

SOLD OUT: Coachella 2011. Did You Get Your Tickets?

That was fast! Exactly one week after the 2011 Coachella line-up was announced and tickets became available, the three-day music festival is now sold out. If you didn't snap up your tickets, stay tuned to the Huffington Post for our usual epic video and photo coverage of the event (see Day 1, 2010), or torture yourself now by flipping through our list of the top 10 bands appearing at this year's festival.

And for all you dreamers out there who are thinking of flooding Coachella's inbox with heartfelt pleas to be let in the gates, the festival has sadly/snarkily already tweeted "no, we don't have any passes left to release, kthxbye. " Looks like diehard fans will have to be vigilant, scanning Craiglist and other sites for scalped tickets. LA Weekly has a screenshot of the first Craigslist post to go up after the tickets were sold out, but the notice has since been taken down.

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