Coachella 2013 Showscoop Infographic Helps You Make Sense Of The Set Times

How To Crowdsource Your Coachella Concert Picks

Coachella-goers are facing a lot of tough decisions now that the set times have been released. Bassnectar at 11:50 p.m. on Friday or Tegan and Sara at midnight? Should you see Adrian Lux or just eat brunch? And what's the smallest band likely to make the biggest surprise impact?

Perhaps Showscoop will point the way. The new concert-reviewing site and app took the wisdom of the crowd to create an infographic highlighting the best bands to see at Coachella 2013. Based on user-generated live concert reviews, Showscoop has identified the 20 bands most likely to rock you at the fest.

In order of the highest average scores, they are: Sigur Ros, The Faint, Portugal The Man, Grizzly Bear, Bassnectar, Descendents, The Lumineers, Pretty Lights, Tegan & Sara, Vampire Weekend, Wu-Tang Clan, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Metric, Beach House, Of Monsters And Men, Local Natives, Alt J, The XX, Yeasayer and 2 Chainz.

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The bands are rated on Stage Presence, Crowd Interaction, Sound Quality, and Visual Effects on a scale from one to five "microphones." But because the site only officially launched in February, some of the bands have only a handful of reviews.

The top-rated bands on this infographic, for instance, are averaged from less than ten reviews: Sigur Ros from nine and The Faint from six. At 16 reviews, headliners the Red Hot Chili Peppers have the same average score as Metric, which has nine. Meanwhile, Passion Pit has 25 reviews, but at an average score of 3.9, didn't make the cut for the infographic.

Showscoop has room to grow, says founder Micah Smurthwaite to The Huffington Post. He hopes that Showscoop will become the Yelp for concerts, and points out that the more people sign on to rate, the more accurate the average scores will get.

"I really hope ShowScoop can help people make better decisions at music festivals," he says. "I hate getting back to my campsite and hearing about the epic show that I missed because I didn't know about it beforehand." Smurthwaite is based in San Diego, Calif. and will also be setting up camp at Coachella this year.

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