Coachella Haters: Disappointed Concert-Goers React To 2013 Lineup

Haters Tear Apart Coachella 2013 Lineup

Coachella's 2013 lineup left a few concert-goers feeling underwhelmed.

This year's music festival features headliners Blur, the Stone Roses, Phoenix and Red Hot Chili Peppers. In the words of Twitter user mikeyginaramone:


He may be referring to the "strong hints and rumors," that the Rolling Stones were slated to headline the festival (a hope that officially died Tuesday). As music magazine Rolling Stone notes, the Coachella festival accidentally popped up as a scheduled event in the band's own app. Coachella also posted a photo on Facebook of what seemed to be a "rolling stone" on the festival grounds.

Longtime Coachella fans are also reacting to Coachella 2013's new ticketing policy. The most striking change is that the festival is doing away with the layaway option -- a budget-friendly policy many young concert-goers relied on. Secondly, tickets for the first weekend may only be purchased with a shuttle pass or a car camping pass -- an added cost for those who may have planned on simply driving in and out of the festival grounds every day.

See why these music lovers are grousing about Coachella 2013 and let us know in the comments below: do you plan on attending this year?

UPDATE: A rep for Coachella confirmed to The Huffington Post that people who already bought Weekend 1 tickets will still have in-and-out driving privileges. The only available tickets left for Weekend 1 include the purchase of a car camping pass or a shuttle pass. However, if one purchases a shuttle pass package for Weekend 1, you are not obligated to use it if you still prefer to day park like in year's past. General Admission tickets for Weekend 2 are still available.

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