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Coat Made Of Male Chest Hair Is A Fascinatingly Furry Yet Bizarre Milk Promotion (PHOTOS)

Manly men of the world, ever wish you had more chest hair? If so, this is just the coat for you.

"We commissioned the Man-Fur Coat as a wakeup call for the nation's gents," a Wing-Co. spokesman said, according to The Grocer. "A way to encourage them to readopt the values of assured men's men from yesteryear."

The furry brown garment took four designers 200 hours to produce, according to the BBC. Hair for the coat was donated by 300 male volunteers, whose discarded chest hairs filled more than a dozen cardboard boxes.

The coat is apparently supposed to help promote Arla's new Wing-Co. chocolate dairy drink, a protein-rich beverage for the masculine set. Launched in April, Wing-Co. supposedly has 40 percent more protein than average chocolate milk, although it's still unclear what exactly protein-packed milk has to do with chest hair.

Customers who wish to see what all the hype is about can buy the garment for £2,499 (roughly $3,900), according to BuzzFeed.

It probably would match perfectly with this British bride's wedding dress, which was crafted out of human hair in 2011.

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Coat Made Out Of Male Chest Hair

Coat Made Out Of Male Chest Hair

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