Cobras And Matadors Closing: The End Of An Era?

Cobras and Matadors -- one of LA's most popular Tapas spots -- is closing it's doors, LA Weekly reports.

Cobras and Matadors' restauranteur Steven Arroyo posted to his Instragram, "Cobras & Matadors will close in 144 hrs. Naturally the eve of Valentines because she is such a lover."

The original Beverly Blvd. location was the last remaining of the chain's locations. Cobras and Matadors in Los Feliz was replaced by Umami Burger in 2009.

To many fans it is the end of an era, but Arroyo isn't slowing down anytime soon. Potato Chips (located next door to C&M) is still on a sandwich making role, Malo is serving up a storm and Escuela Taqueria is making customers go loco for his tacos. Steven Arroyo is planning to "open up an entirely new restaurant in [C&M's] spot," reports Your Next Bite.

Cobras and Matadors will close for good on February 13, 2012.