Coca-Cola ATM Gives Out Free Money For People To Share (VIDEO)

An ATM in Spain is melting hearts, as news of its generous cause spreads like wildfire online.

The cash machine, part of Coca-Cola's "Share Happiness" advertising campaign, was set up in several locations in the recession-hit country to give out free money for people to share.

Yes, you heard right. That's free money. With just one small string attached.

As seen in the video ad, people who use the special ATM are greeted with a simple message in Spanish: "Get 100 euros ($131). Without card."

Once a user clicks yes, the ATM responds, "But only if you agree to share it."

Gizmodo explains the machine's unique functions further:

After that, the ATM asked if they needed any suggestions on how to share their newfound cash. Many people clicked yes again. The ATM gave several options, like "hire an storyteller for the kids in your neighborhood" or "buy diapers for a pregnant woman."

After that, the ATM gave the people an envelope with 100 euros in cash inside, asking them to share the experience, but with absolutely no obligation to actually share it. People could just get the money and use it in any way they wanted.

Incredibly, it seems that many people really did take Coca-Cola up on its challenge, sharing the money with others in their community by purchasing gifts for neighbors or sharing food with strangers on the street, among other thoughtful deeds.

"We don't know what everyone did with the money but there are people who shared their experiences with us," wrote Coca-Cola in the description that accompanied the ATM ad, which was posted on YouTube in late December.

WATCH the full video: (Story continues below)

This is not the first time that Coca-Cola has encouraged consumers to "pay it forward" through an ad campaign. As Digiday points out, the company won a Cannes Lion in 2012 for its "online vending machines" ad that called for people to send free Cokes to strangers around the world.



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