This Quirky Coke Bottle With A Secret Is Bringing Us Joy Right Now

It's the little things.

If you’ve been busy trying to wrap your head around the election, you may not have noticed that the holiday season is swiftly approaching ― and with it, a slew of things to be excited about. The togetherness! The presents! And the wildly unnecessary but often adorable gimmicks put forth by brands each year.

Coca Cola Japan got a head start on the latter with a quirky new bottle label that turns into a festive bow in just three easy steps.

According to Coca Cola Japan, you peel the label most of the way, leaving one sticky end attached, pull out a tab of tape that’s laced through the label and pull.

The result? Quite possibly the most festive bottle of soda we’ve ever seen.

For those wondering if it’s this easy in real life, allow Reddit user guyfromtokyo to demonstrate.

There is something so satisfying about that pull, and in these trying times, well, it’s the little things.

According to a Coca Cola spokesperson, the bottle is currently only available in Japan and the United Kingdom. Here’s hoping the bow bottle makes its way to this part of the world ASAP.

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