Coke's Sexy New Ad Shows Brother And Sister Competing For The Pool Boy

The soft drink gives its classic beefcake ad a fresh, inclusive twist.

In what’s become a tradition of sorts, Coca-Cola serves up the beefcake in its latest commercial. This time around, however, the soft drink giant has ensured its efforts are both sexy and inclusive.

Released Thursday as part of Coca-Cola’s “Taste the Feeling” campaign, “Pool Boy” shows a brother and a sister eyeing a bare-chested hunk as he cleans their swimming pool. The siblings race downstairs, hoping to offer the pool boy a Coke, only to discover that their mother has beaten them to the punch.

The clip, of course, is a cheeky throwback to 1994’s now-iconic “Diet Coke Break” commercial, in which a group of businesswomen ogled a shirtless construction worker from an office window. (It’s a formula the company repeated in later years, too.) In 2014, Coca-Cola tipped its hat to its LGBTQ consumers with an ad that showed a pair of dads taking their daughter rollerskating. The sassy vibe of “Pool Boy,” however, ups the ante.

Spokeswoman Kate Hartman told The Huffington Post that the “Pool Boy” commercial was simply intended as a “human story where Coca-Cola plays a key role in the development of the drama.”

“The story also includes a wink that touches on our point of view regarding diversity and inclusion,” she said. “We are managing culturally relevant messages organically within our spots, not as the main subject of the story, but as subtext.”

The ad, she noted, was representative of Coca-Cola’s overall stance on the LGBTQ community and other minority groups. “We strive for diversity, inclusion and equality in our business,” she said, “and support these rights in society through our work.”

Not to mention giving fans plenty of eye candy to enjoy!

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