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The Fanciest Coca-Cola Glass We Have Ever Seen, By Riedel (Seriously)

Look out wine, Coca-Cola's moving in on your turf.

You may recognize the name Riedel from some of the most elegantly designed wine glasses on the market. They are lightweight, designed to highlight the specific notes of nearly any varietal you are drinking and cost enough that it chips away a piece of our hearts when we break one. Riedel also makes one of the most stunning wine decanters we've ever seen. All this is to say that when we saw the words "Coca-Cola Riedel glass," we had to do a few double-takes.

It turns out, they are quite real, and we got our hands on some.

coca cola riedel

Traditional Riedel glasses make your wine taste better by highlighting the specific aromas and finicky tendencies of different varietals. Their various shapes expose the wines to more/less air, and also expose your nose to the wine differently when you drink it. Thinking about this having an impact on Coke sounded about as ridiculous to us as you might expect, so we decided we needed to try it out.

We tasted fountain Coke on ice in the short, stout Chardonnay glass, the slightly more tapered Pinot/Nebbiolo glass and the Coca-Cola glass, in that order. Each of us were skeptical to say the very least.

The first two glasses were nearly identical, but tasted exactly how we expected. Then, we tasted the Coca-Cola glass. As strange as this feels to admit, it did have an effect on the flavor. The Coke from the third glass tasted a bit sweeter, with less dilution from the ice -- better, we all agreed. Groundbreaking? Maybe not, but it was an improved Coca-Cola drinking experience to be sure.

If you take your Coca-Cola drinking very seriously, you can get yourself a Coca-Cola glass for $19.90, or a set of two for $29.50.

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