'Coca-Cola Sharing Can' Separates Into Two Halves (VIDEO)

One of Coca-Cola's recent ad campaigns is all about sharing. This highly personal strategy aims to make consumers feel some warm fuzzies for the soda behemoth (it isn't totally working).

As part of the campaign, Coca-Cola has launched the "Sharing Can" aimed at those customers that really want to share a Coke with someone else (is that a thing that people want?). With a simple twist, the can essentially splits in half, so one Coke becomes two. The design is pretty cool, but are people really craving for this product? Perhaps for someone that is a huge germaphobe or is only a little bit thirsty, this could make sense.

You're not likely to actually find these cans in stores or vending machines, though. The cans were never available in machines but were instead distributed for a limited trial in Singapore. CNET Asia isn't betting on the can becoming an actual product.

Here's a look at the ad:



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