Why Coca-Cola Classic Will Soon Have A Big Red Dot In The U.K.


Some Coke cans in the U.K. will soon get marked with a red dot because of the drink's high sugar content.

The labels are part of a voluntary program launched in the U.K. in July of last year. Food and drink get tagged red, yellow and green according to its nutritional value. Healthier fare gets a green label.

coca cola
What three Coke products look like with the new health labels. Notice the big red mark on the left.

Along with Cadbury and other large food companies, Coca-Cola first fought against the labels. It's changed its tune after it "gauged British consumers' views on the scheme," according to a post on Coca-Cola Great Britain's website Friday.

"The adoption of the voluntary, colour coded front-of-pack scheme in Great Britain is consistent with The Coca‑Cola Company’s global commitment to provide consumers with transparent nutrition information," Coca-Cola wrote in the same post.

Coke has made no mention of bringing the labels stateside. But it is making more of an effort on the behalf of its customers' health. A recent Coke ad prompted consumers to think about the nutritional value of Coke by revealing that it takes 23 minutes to bike off the calories in a single can.

While the red label could hurt Coke sales, the company has a lot of green label products to fall back on. Its green-rated Diet Coke and Coke Zero brands account for more than 40 percent of its UK sales, the BBC reports.

Coke says the new labels will begin appearing on products in the first half of next year.

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