Cocaine On Baby Changing Tables: Substance Found On 9 In 10 Public Tables

COCAINE Found On 9 In 10 Baby Changing Tables

Researchers in the UK have found that 92 percent of over 100 public baby changing tables carry traces of cocaine. Say what?

The study was conducted by a team of Real Radio journalists from a local station in North West England. While not the most science-y of scientists, they used specialist wipes to test facilities in shopping centers, hospitals, police stations, courts, churches, supermarkets and department stores.

Their efforts were fueled by last month's announcement that the UK is the cocaine capital of Europe. Changing tables are only the latest germy hotspot being tested.

"Considering that money (and plenty of other things we touch) are coated in traces of the drug too, it seems unlikely that the contamination is solely due to addicts doing lines off of Koala Kare changing stations. Though, you should still be cautious about putting your precious child directly on those tables, because according to our scientific research they're coated in baby poop."

So thank you British journalists. We were already icked out about putting our kids down on those stations. Now, we're thinking a nice quiet corner of a bookstore, a hidden booth at a restaurant, a park bench... really anywhere, may be a better bet.

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