Mitch McConnell's Campaign Team Is Selling Cocaine-Themed T-Shirts

The #CocaineMitch tops are raising eyebrows.

Cocaine overdose deaths may be rising in the U.S.

But that isn’t stopping Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) reelection campaign team from raising money by selling a cocaine-themed T-shirt.

Team Mitch, the official campaign Twitter feed for McConnell, shared images of the new $35 shirt online with the hashtag #CocaineMitch on Wednesday.

The garment features a depiction of McConnell alongside what appears to be a cloud of coke dust. “Cartel Member,” is emblazoned on the back.

A tweet posted by the campaign urged voters to “become an official member of the Cartel!”

The “Cocaine Mitch” nickname went viral in 2018 after former coal baron Don Blankenship, who lost the GOP primary for the U.S. Senate in West Virginia, infamously called McConnell the term in a campaign ad.

The moniker referred to reports that a ship belonging to a company owned by McConnell’s father-in-law was once found carrying about 90 pounds of the drug, reports The Washington Post.

Team Mitch responded to Blankenship’s loss at the time with this post:

The new T-shirt has sparked debate on Twitter, with some people accusing McConnell’s campaign of trivializing drug abuse and contradicting Republicans’ often hard-line stance on related issues.