Cocaine Tampons: Cindy Davidson Of Utah Finds Cocaine In Her Tampon Box (VIDEO)

Woman Gets Big Surprise In Discount Tampon Box

Cindy Davidson is good at sniffing out bargains, so when the Salt Lake City mom saw tampons on sale last Saturday, she didn't exactly turn up her nose at a good deal.

However, inside the box, along with the tampons and the applicator was something extra: Cocaine.

"It didn't look like it was tampered with at all," she told KTVX-TV. "There was cellophane filled with white powder."

The powdery substance was rolled up in thick cellophane and taped shut inside the cardboard applicator.

"It was wrapped so tight she spent five minutes trying to open it and still couldn't," Davidson, 39, told KSL-TV.

The box of Boots tampons -- a British brand -- was supposed to contain 16 tampons. She noticed, however, some inconsistencies in they way they were packed. When she found the suspicious little package inside, her heart began to race -- and it certainly wasn't the euphoria coke users experience.

"I started getting nervous because I thought it might have been a terrorist attack," she told KSL-TV. "I called my sister first and said I was going to call the manufacturer the next day and she told me to call the police."

The authorities tested the substance and confirmed it was cocaine -- which shocked the mother of two.

"I really couldn't wrap my head around it," she told the New York Post. "I was just thinking it was crazy. I couldn't believe it had happened."

The manager of the store that sold the drug-laced feminine hygiene products has removed the remaining Boots tampons and Salt Lake City police are attempting to backtrack the shipment to determine whether other packages contain narcotics, The Smoking Gun reported.

Meanwhile, Stan Alexander, the Director of Security of NPS, the bargain store that sold the cocaine tampons, said more details need to be sniffed out before it can be determined how the cocaine got into the product box.

“Without knowing the customer, without knowing the product specifically on this situation we just have no information to try and figure out where it came from," Alexander told KTVX-TV.

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