Coolest Dad Ever Gets Cochlear Implant Tattoo To Match His Daughter's Real One

Now THAT's fatherly love.

One father found a rad way to stand by his daughter. 

Alistair Campbell's 6-year-old daughter, Charlotte, is deaf and recently got a cochlear implant for her right ear, the New Zealand Herald reported. But right before the 6-year-old from Taupo, New Zealand, received the device -- her second -- Campbell decided to get one as well in a show of solidarity. His, however, came in the form of a tattoo on his head. 

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Alistair Campbell with his daughter, Charlotte. 
Alistair Campbell with his daughter, Charlotte. 

On Monday, the dedicated dad posted photos of himself sporting his new tattoo on social media -- one of which included Charlotte alongside him with her implant for her left ear in plain view. The moving photo generated buzz across the Internet and was picked up by various media outlets.

It's not difficult to understand why. 

"I shared the photos with my friends and family to see, I never expected this huge response," Campbell told The Huffington Post. "I'm pleased I have helped to raise awareness for all cochlear implantees."

Closer look at Campbell's tattoo. 
Closer look at Campbell's tattoo. 

Charlotte received her first implant back when she was 4 years old. The tattoo, Campbell says, is all about honoring his beloved daughter through the challenges she's faced. 

"Charlotte's journey has been quite a hard journey for her and for us," the father told "The tattoo was a tribute -- this was all about her, not me."

The tattoo took about 45 minutes to complete, according to Buzzfeed News. As for the pain, Campbell said it was nothing he couldn't handle. He'll be letting his hair grow back, but is planning to shave it off, revealing the tattoo for special occasions or when his daughter requests to see it, the New Zealand Herald reported.

The dad told HuffPost that while his daughter doesn't quite understand the tattoo as of yet, she will come to appreciate its significance as she gets older. 

Campbell's support for his daughter doesn't stop there.

In December, he'll participate in a charity boxing event to raise money for Hear 4 Kidz Trust, a group that supports kids with hearing loss in Taupo. 


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