Cockatiel Lip-Syncs Her Way Through Nelly's 'Dilemma' And Into Our Hearts

I love you SQUAAAAWK, and I need you SQUAAAAWK.

Nelly's 2002 R&B hit "Dilemma" was adored by swooning lovebirds everywhere, but it really hit home with one bird in particular: a cockatiel named Patrick Jane.

As seen in this YouTube video uploaded on Saturday, Patrick Jane loves nothing more than to lip sync to some quality early-aughts R&B.

Patrick Jane is about 1 1/2 years old and female, "although we thought she was a 'he' when we first brought her home," owner Dean Jeffs told The Huffington Post in an email.

"What Patrick is actually doing in this video is clearing her crop," Jeffs explained, emphasizing it's a lip-sync video and has been edited slightly to match up with the song. "She does this often and I've always felt like it looked like she was singing. ... So I filmed her a few days ago and put the music behind it."

Jeffs said the song has "always been one of my guilty pleasures." 

"Patrick doesn't really have any other favorite songs, but she LOVES people," Jeffs said. "She tweets maniacally when people leave the room (especially me), and is most happy when she it sitting on someone's shoulder."

Lip-sync or no, Patrick Jane, we're crazy a-bird you. Why don't you go ahead and play us off:

I love you SQUAAAAWK,

and I need you SQUAAAAWK, 

No matter what I do SQUAAAAWK,

All I think about is you SQUAAAAWK.

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