Cockatoo With Attitude Won't Eat His Damn Broccoli

Cause sometimes veggies are for the birds.

Eric the cockatoo, aka Eric the Legend, is now a hero for vegetable haters everywhere.

Watch the adorably defiant bird toss pieces of broccoli and the bowl they’re in when his person tells him, “Show all the kids how you eat your broccoli.”

Eric, whose owner insists that he likes the stuff, eventually gets around to tearing pieces off with his beak and appearing to nibble some. But if you grew up human in our house, feathered dude, you would have been shut down at the first show of attitude, then instructed to bury the florets in mashed potatoes and eat ‘em before Dad gets mad.

The video was posted in April and is now going viral ― perhaps because when it comes to eating broccoli, many of us are birds of a feather.

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