This Flowchart Will Tell You Exactly What Kind Of Drink To Make Tonight

This Flowchart Will Tell You Exactly What Kind Of Drink To Make Tonight

It's cocktail o'clock. You're thirsty. Your home bar is fully stocked. Time to mix a drink.

Which drink? It's a crucial question, one that could determine the fate of your night. But we have answers. Just follow the advice of this nifty flow chart, written by yours truly and designed by The Huffington Post's Alissa Scheller, and you won't be led astray.

So now you know what to make. Many of these are classic cocktails, so perhaps you already know how to make it. Or maybe you own -- as you should -- a strong cocktail cookbook, such as our favorite, "The PDT Cocktail Book."

If not, here are links to some solid recipes for the drinks on the flowchart.

And what about Vodka Red Bull and Whiskey Ginger? If you need a recipe for those, you need to get your life together.

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Rum And Tonic
Pink of Perfection
Get the Rum and Tonic recipe by Pink of PerfectionWhile most people might ask for a gin and tonic, a rum and tonic is the way to go this summer. It's light, bright and refreshing. We think it works particularly well with the brand Brugal Anejo.
Vanilla Rum And Coke recipe
My Life In Food
Get the Vanilla Rum and Coke recipe by My Life In FoodHow many rum and cokes can we drink in our lives? We think it's time to spice this classic up with a hint of vanilla and an orange in place of the classic lime.
Cucumber Margarita
Surly Kitchen
Get the Cucumber Margarita recipe by Surly KitchenWhile lime makes for a refreshing margarita, cucumber takes it one step further making it just the drink to quench your thirst on a hot day.
Watermelon Bloody Mary
Get the Watermelon Bloody Mary recipe by www.TheBittenWord.comFresh watermelon perks up the classic tomato-based Bloody Mary. And we imagine that makes it an even better hangover cure with this refreshing fruit.
Champagne Grapefruit Cocktail
Gooseberry Mooseberry
Get the Champagne Grapefruit Cocktail recipe by Gooseberry MooseberryMimosas will always have their place at the brunch table, but sometimes grapefruit can make bubbly more fun.
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