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One Appetizer + One Drink = One Great Cocktail Party (PHOTOS)

Okay, okay. You don't always have to make one million appetizers.

In case you hadn't already noticed, we really like to throw parties around here. In case you had also not noticed this other thing about us: we also really like to feed our friends. That means that we usually go overboard on snacks and cocktails whenever our friends come over. But it doesn't always have to be that way. Every so often, you won't need to feed an army. Maybe you're meeting for a drink before going somewhere else, maybe it's a quick get together before friends go their separate ways. In this case, your cocktail snacks can be light -- which sometimes feels like a foreign concept around here.

To force ourselves to be minimalist, we came up with an idea: what if you threw a small cocktail party based around one cocktail and one perfectly paired snack? That's what we've done here today, and we're excited to have 10 quick and easy party menus to share with you.

9. Negronis + Tomatoes on Toast
Get the Negroni recipe from Food52, and the Tomatoes on Toast recipe from Simply Recipes.

10. Sazeracs + Gougères
Get the Sazerac recipe from Back Down South, and the Gougères recipe from Manger.

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