Coco Austin: My Butt Is Real (VIDEO)

Coco Austin began her interview on "The Wendy Williams Show" (weekdays on Fox) by thanking Wendy for sticking up for her 11 years ago on the radio when "everybody else was hating on me ... they thought, 'Oh that blonde bimbo, who's that by Ice's side? She's gonna be gone in two months.' Haha, 11 years later!" she exclaimed proudly, as Wendy chimed in, "and married!"

The ladies then got down to serious business, as Wendy asked Coco if she had breast and/or butt implants. Coco reiterated what she's said repeatedly on her reality show "Ice Loves Coco" -- she has breast implants, but her butt is real. "I'm an open book Wendy, you know me. If I say I got my boobs done, then why wouldn't I say I got my butt done? But no, I seriously go in the gym and I'm a bodybuilder ... sometimes I [leg] press 400 pounds."

In addition to her workout regimine, Coco thanked good genetics for helping her maintain her curves. "I'm 32 now and I have a womanly figure. When I get fat, they all go to the thighs and the butt ... Sometimes it goes to the abs, sometimes it goes to the arms, but for me it goes to the butt, thank God!"

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