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Coco Rocha Channels A Horse For Dazed & Confused Korea (PHOTO, POLL)

The September issue of Dazed & Confused Korea features a striking closeup of Coco Rocha wearing, well... what appears to be horse ears, along with a deer-in-the-headlights expression.

The always captivating supermodel looks eerily enchanting yet alarming equine, what with the ears and those superhumanly high cheekbones.

It's a fun shot for the model, who's known for her laid-back attitude and sense of humor. If any opportunity could get her to make the classic crossover from modeling to acting, Coco once told us, it'd be a role on a song-filled romp like "Glee."

Of course, judging from the Dazed & Confused Korea cover, modeling suits her just fine.