Coco Rocha Target Video Proves That Models Have, Like, Actual Skills (VIDEO)

Models are often underestimated, told that their line of work is easy and that all it takes is to stand there and look pretty. (Or, as this writer's mother would comment while watching "America's Next Top Model," "I just don't get what they're doing.")

But Coco Rocha, one of the top strutters in the biz, proves that being a model actually takes skills and not simply a gorgeous face. As a Guest Editor for Target's Tumblr (yes, Target has a Tumblr), Coco shot a one-minute video called "The Making Of A Cover Shot."

In less than sixty seconds, she shows all us amateurs how it's done. She jumps, waves her arms, flips her hair, all so effortlessly and instinctively and with no inhibitions whatsoever. How does she squat so gracefully? How does she know to bend her fingers just like that?

She's a good model, that's how. Because modeling takes skillz. Check it out in the video above... and see Coco work her stuff in the slideshow below.