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Coco Rocha Talks Twitter & Body Image, Dreams Of Starring On 'Glee'

On Thursday Fashion Delivers honored industry insiders for their charitable work, including Coco Rocha. The 22-year-old Canadian model paused to chat with us about her love of social media and her thoughts on body image, and revealed that she might consider dabbling in acting -- preferably, if "Glee" is involved.

Huffington Post: So this [event] is for giving back. What is the main cause that you're representing?

Coco Rocha: We did start something in Canada that was with fashion, Strut For The Cure, that was raising money for kids with cancer. We also did something in Haiti that was with kids in orphanages. And we're also starting a new program with a company called Senhoa where they have kids in Indonesia who used to be in the sex trafficking industry and they take them and give them an education and they actual make jewelry and we sell it, and they therefore get paid and they have a working job. So we have three different branches, they all kind of go off in different ways, but it's mostly based on kids who are in need, need help and can't do it themselves. That seems to be what we get excited about.

HP: Are you harnessing social media for this? I know you're a big "Tweeter." When did you get hooked on social media?

CR: I think it was a few years ago, I started with a blog and I didn't know what really I was doing. I just thought, no one really knows about the fashion world as much as, say, a model, a stylist or whatever. So I thought, come into my world and I'll do a few blogs. Then it became a bigger thing -- it became Twitter and Facebook and a blog and now Tumblr....Like I said, in the fashion industry, it's so quiet, no one knows much, so when we do talk about it, people get super-excited. It's kind of my voice and my opinion -- so if there's a story out there that I don't think is fair or fit, I can say what I believe is right.

HP: Has there ever been anything for you personally that was controversial or negative that made you speak up?

CR: Yeah, I think there was that, a while back, when they had mentioned that I may have been too big for the runway and took it out of context, and I was kind of upset and felt like, you know, here was the chance for me to explain something to you and you're taking it way out of proportion. I got to say my opinion and it did even better. My blog turned into a huge phenomenon. I kind of thanked the person for getting it wrong so that I could actually say what I needed to say.

HP: In that regard, I know you've previously felt pressured by the industry about your size. Do you think the fashion industry is getting better with the weight talk?

CR: It gets better for those who talk about it. So when I talk about it, people realize, "She has a voice, she's going to say something, so maybe we should worry about that and worry about Coco's needs and wants instead of how she looks." But the girls that don't say much, it probably still could be hard for them. But for me, personally, I've made it better for myself. So I wish I could do it for all the girls and maybe one day we all can do that. But I think it really is up to the girls to stand up for themselves and have that courage to do it, and it will all be okay.

HP: You've been on the catwalk for years. What's your craziest runway experience?

CR: Craziest runway?

Husband James Conran chimes in: Gaultier?

CR: Oh yeah, with Gaultier there's been a few. [For] Gaultier I've done Irish dancing, I've done a cat fight on the runway and I've had a mermaid incident where he made me come out in crutches and I had no feet. So he always has a moment for me, which is exciting. But I do think because we do runway and it's back and forth, very simple, I like when I get to do something a little more fun and theatrical.

HP: In that regard, would you ever consider branching out into acting or something beyond modeling?

CR: Maybe, but it would have to be kind of a smart fit. I'm known as being kind of a corny model, so I like my soundtracks and my musicals. So maybe one day I will go into that field, Broadway...or "Glee"! If you could get me on "Glee," I'll love you. But I don't know exactly if acting is my sort of thing -- I still love modeling. But who knows? The thing about acting is that you really have to put your heart and soul into it, as well as modeling, and I don't think you can do both at the same time. But we'll see, we'll take it one step at a time.

HP: Lastly, is there anything that you're excited for going into the summer? Any thrilling plans?

CR: Well [my husband and I] just got back from our one-year anniversary and we were actually in Mexico, so that was kind of our nice summer plan. But I'm just glad for it to be summer, and not to have to wear big jackets anymore. I can wear pretty little dresses now.

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