Coconut Dessert Recipes For Cookies, Cakes And More (PHOTOS)

We've got three words for you: coconut cream pie.

It's hard not to love the classic dessert flavors. Chocolate and vanilla will always remind us of childhood. But when there's the option for coconut desserts -- like the ones that have just that right amount of tropical flavor -- nothing else compares. Coconut dessert recipes offer a different kind of sweetness, with a flavor that's just right during the summer.

With recipes like coconut cream pie, coconut cake and tres leches, how can you resist the temptation that is coconut dessert? Our advice: don't even try. Give in to the flavor of coconut, and make one (or three) of these sweet recipes below.

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Creamy Crockpot Coconut Hot Chocolate

Coconut Recipes

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