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The Coconut Oils Behind This Artist's 'Anointing' Skincare Regimen

09/26/2013 09:43am ET | Updated December 6, 2017

While taking a stroll in one of our favorite Brooklyn neighborhoods, Prospect Heights, we met a lovely woman with an appreciation for natural beauty. Linda Cousins-Newton is a retired New York City teacher, artist and storyteller whose daily skincare regimen includes lathering her body with various coconut oils.

"I anoint my face and body with African shea butter mixed with Aura Glow Coconut Musk oil combined with Black Rose coconut oil," she explained. "I make this natural care and anointing regimen an adventure of sorts in greeting each new day. While doing so, I play positive and uplifting music, which contributes to the care of the mind."

Cousins-Newton's routine adds a whole new meaning to body and soul healing, don't you think? She's certainly inspired us to continue slathering coconut oil on our skin, especially if it means we can get a glowing complexion like this ageless beauty.

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