7 Ways To Use Coconut Oil In Your Beauty Routine Next Week

What can't this stuff do?

The editors here at HuffPost are constantly preaching about the benefits of coconut oil. We go through so many jars of the stuff, we should probably start growing coconut palms.

Whether you're already a coconut oil lover or you're just learning about this super ingredient, we've rounded up seven different ways to incorporate it into your beauty regimen this week. From makeup remover to shaving cream, you'll be using coconut oil from head to toe, just like us.

Facial Moisturizer
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Swap your normal face cream for extra virgin coconut oil. Simply apply a dime-size amount until it absorbs completely.
Body Lotion
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Get your entire body into the coconut oil goodness by hydrating with just a spoonful. But, we strongly suggest waiting a few minutes before getting dressed to avoid staining your clothes.
Makeup Remover
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Body Scrub
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As long as your kitchen cabinets are stocked with coconut oil and a gentle exfoliator like brown sugar or coffee grounds, you've got yourself all the ingredients for a DIY body scrub.
Shaving Cream
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Yes, you can shave with coconut oil too! A simple at-home beauty recipe using the multi-purpose oil, shampoo and baby lotion will help you to achieve a super close shave and smooth legs.
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You've probably heard of the ancient Ayurvedic treatment of oil pulling. It turns out that rinsing your mouth with water and a tablespoon of coconut oil for up to 10 minutes may help to prevent bad breath and soothe sore gums.
Deep Conditioner
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Even supermodels like Miranda Kerr swear by coconut oil as an overnight hair treatment. Massaging this super oil into your locks and scalp and allowing it to penetrate deeply helps to restore shine and strength.

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