Coder MiP and COJI, Robots That Teach Rather Than Destroy


Science Fiction has given robots a bad reputation. No doubt there are going to be a few bad apple robots who want to destroy mankind and rule the world, but let's not throw the robot out with the bath water.

The toy robots of 2016 are fun, cool, peaceful and even educational. Today we are going to look at two new robot offerings from WowWee - Coder MiP and COJI.

Coder MiP, The Self Balancing Translucent Robot That Teaches Coding

Coder MiP is new from WowWee and sells for $99. Building on the success of their original MiP Robot, Coder MiP is translucent and introduces a whole new coding and programming aspect.

Please watch our full video review of Coder MiP -

For The Younger Kids, Meet COJI, The Robot You Program With Emojis

I am going to admit it, I am over the age of 30, so I really don't get the whole emoji thing. What I do get is that emojis are almost like a second language to the kids today.

Given the popularity of emojis, WowWee figured, why not use them to teach kids ages 4 and up how to program. I know, it sounds bizarre, but it works surprisingly well.

Please watch our full video review of COJI Robot to see how you program with emojis -

COJI Robot sells for $59 and provides a non-intimidating way for young kids to start learning the basic concepts of coding and programming.

Of Course, Robots Need to Be Fun

Robots that teach rather than destroy is great and all, but a toy robot also needs to have another key feature - fun! There has to be a strong play value to the robots or they quickly become dust collectors.

Luckily, both the Coder MiP and COJI Robot have great personalities and plenty of games, sound effects and movements to keep the kids entertained. Unless all that cuteness is a giant distraction so we don't learn of their secret plan to destroy mankind...

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