Cody Rigsby Gets COVID-19 After 'Dancing With The Stars' Pro Partner Cheryl Burke Did

The Peloton star said he "will be taking a break" as the ABC show figures out what to do.

Dancing With the Stars” contestant Cody Rigsby has tested positive for COVID-19 just days after pro partner Cheryl Burke revealed she had contracted the virus.

The star Peloton instructor, who said he’s fully vaccinated, also caught the coronavirus earlier this year but his symptoms were much milder this time around “so that must be the vaccine and the antibodies working,” he said in an Instagram video on Thursday.

“As far as my fate on ‘Dancing With the Stars,’ we are still trying to figure that out right now, so please be patient with that answer,” he added.

Rigsby and Burke were judged on rehearsal footage this week after Burke, who was also vaccinated, announced she tested positive for COVID-19 the day before Monday’s second show of the season. The pair were given a 24 out of 40.

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