Cody Simpson 'Surfer's Paradise': In Honor Of His New Album, 12 Ways To Have The Best Summer Ever, According To Cody (GIFs)

If anyone knows how to "win" at summer, it's Cody Simpson. Whether he's hanging poolside with friends or singing about love woes while sailing off into the sunset, this Aussie crooner can usually be found near the water. Unsurpringly, his second album -- which dropped today -- is titled "Surfer's Paradise."

In honor of his new album, here are 12 ways to guarantee that you'll have a kick-ass summer... according to Cody Simpson GIFs.

1. Rock cool sunglasses

As often as possible

2. But know when to take them off

3. Learn the art of skateboarding

(Practice makes perfect)

4. Get your surf on

But don't forget your wet suit

5. Play music on the beach

6. Go for long walks in the sand

7. And listen to the waves crash

8. Be one with nature

9. Chill out in the pool

10. Goof off in the pool

11. Spend lots of time in the sun

12. And don't forget to enjoy the ride


Cody Simpson