How One Teen Has Helped More Than 50 People After His Death

After his death, Cody Souders’ family respected his decision to be an organ donor. His choice has now changed the lives of more than 50 people.

In October 2013, Cody's mother found him after his accidental overdose from prescription pills, CBS News reports. Days later, the 18-year-old college freshman was declared brain dead. His family made sure his organs were donated like he wanted, and that wish has supplied others in need with his heart, liver and kidneys. His skin has gone to burn victims, and his corneas have helped restore sight. Cody's donations have benefited more than 50 people, and knowing this has helped his family cope.

“If there’s a person that gets even another day with their child or their dad because of Cody’s organs, it was well worth it to us because we would do anything to get another day with him,” said Amy Souders, his mother.

One person who benefited from Cody’s organs is 68-year-old grandfather Tom Burke. The liver transplant he received from Cody saved his life. Since then, he's welcomed his fifth grandchild and has one more on the way.

For his brother Justin, it’s comforting to know his legacy remains even after his tragic death. “I like the idea that he’s still living on today in other people.”

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