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Here's How The Rest Of The World Drinks Coffee

Don't try all these at once.

What more can be said about coffee? A lot, it turns out.

Europe will import 44.5 million bags this year, and drinkers in the U.S. will spend $40 billion on it. You love it, we love it. People all around the world love it, no matter how they drink it -- or how weird it can get. (Egg yolk and cognac? Ok, we'll give it a shot.)

As varied and delicious as coffee drinks can get around the world, there's still one thing that unites us: no matter where we are, we can always depend on it to bring us back from the dead every morning.

In case you haven't had it in Spain (the cafe bombón is delicious), or anywhere other than Starbucks, here are some of our favorite global selections.

Germany: Pharisäer
Vietnam: Egg Coffee
USA: Gibraltar
Turkey: Turkish Coffee
Michael Sugrue via Getty Images
France: Cafe au Lait
Getty Images
Mexico: Cafe de Olla
Italy: Espresso Romano
Kuzmik_A via Getty Images
New Zealand & Australia: Flat White
Greece: Frappé
Eric A. Peacock via Getty Images
Austria: Kaisermelange
Peter Wilson via Getty Images

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