How To Make Every Kind Of Coffee (INFOGRAPHIC)

INFOGRAPHIC: Every Which-Way To Make A Cup Of Coffee

There's a reason a good cup of coffee feels so incredibly hard to find, and this chart may have unearthed it for us. It's confusing! We're not saying that the chart, designed by Pop Chart Lab, is poorly laid out. But when it comes to coffee, there are just too many options, too many "paths to follow."

The problem lies in the fact that there are more ways to make a cup of coffee than you can count on your hands and your feet -- from an aeropress to a clever to a moka pot. Then, to complicate matters further, there are multiple additions to be added to that cup of coffee (scalded, steamed, foamed milk) which result in more types of caffeinated beverages than you can remember.

And while we don't really want to live in a world where good folks can't get a triple mocha soy caramel cap, we're just saying, we finally grasp the scope of coffee. And, we appreciate this chart for laying it out for us. You can study the interactive infographic of "The Compendious Coffee Chart" online, or you can buy it in poster form for $27. We're not saying it'll help you make better coffee, but at least it's trying -- and it looks pretty cool, too. Want a chance to win one of these posters? We've got three to give away. Leave a comment below telling us what you'd be willing to give up for a good cup of coffee.

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