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Coffee Dessert Recipes: Cakes, Brownies And More

If you've ever had an incredibly rich brownie or slice of chocolate cake, chances are a secret ingredient was used in that recipe. Can you guess what it is? It may have been coffee. The nuanced flavor of java enhances countless baked goods and desserts, especially chocolate ones -- coffee and chocolate are highly complementary. Chocolate cake, brownies, bread pudding, mousse, tiramisu -- these are all desserts that benefit from a touch of coffee.

All of our recipes call for coffee, but in different forms. We've specified what you need in each recipe, whether it's instant espresso powder, instant coffee, espresso, brewed coffee or even coffee beans. Try one of these desserts when you feel like you need a pick-me-up -- and we won't judge if you drink a cup of coffee alongside dessert!

What's your favorite dessert made with coffee? Vote in the slideshow and let us know below.

Coffee Desserts