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8 Fantastic Uses For Your Coffee Grounds

After making a morning cup of coffee at home, do you toss the leftover grounds in the trash?

You DEFINITELY shouldn't.

Contrary to popular belief, composting isn't the only way to re-use old coffee grounds. Other sneaky uses for the stuff abound, like a delicious-smelling way to clean out your fridge and a clever DIY wood stain to fuel the Pinterest projects of your dreams.

Get those ideas brewing, because you can use coffee grounds to...

Fertilize plants.
ThamKC via Getty Images
De-stink your fridge.
Anna Omelchenko via Getty Images
Get rid of ants...
kickers via Getty Images
Clean pots and pans.
Steven Morris Photography via Getty Images
Make a DIY wood stain.
AmazingDream via Getty Images
Hide furniture scratches, too.
Thomas Barwick via Getty Images
Smooth-ify your face...
Sohadiszno via Getty Images
Clean your fireplace.
Julie Thurston Photography via Getty Images

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