Coffee Is Probably Not Bad for You

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- Waikiki -
- Waikiki -

By Melissa Dahl Every so often, a bleary-eyed friend tells me they've quit coffee. My response to this is always the same: Why? Because my long-held hunch -- based on many years of following this stuff as a health and science writer -- has been that coffee is probably not bad for you, and may even be quite good for you, a theory now backed by a recent video post from Dr. Aaron E. Carroll, a professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine. Carroll combs through an impressive amount of high-quality data and finds almost no evidence that even the more enthusiastic coffee drinkers among us -- those who down five or six or even seven cups a day -- are risking their health for their favored vice.

Coffee consumption, in fact, probably shouldn't even be considered a vice, says Carroll, though he notes that it's the stuff we put in our coffee -- sugar and flavored syrup and the like -- that turns it into liquid candy. "It's way past time that we stopped viewing coffee itself as something we need to cut back on," he concludes. So noted.

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