Machine Dispenses Free Coffee When You Yawn; Douwe Egberts Gizmo Works On Facial Recognition (VIDEO)

WATCH: Coffee When You Yawn

Wake up, tech and java lovers. A machine that dispenses coffee when you yawn is here.

Watch above as weary travelers at Johannesburg's O.R. Tambo International Airport receive a free cup of Douwe Egberts coffee when the facial recognition software detects them yawning.

Douwe Egberts used the technology to advertise its brand, of course, but that didn't stop Design Taxi from calling the function "innovative." Creativity Online wrote, "While we're sick and tired of vending machines, this smart, useful one by ... Douwe Egberts is worth a watch."

Other breakthroughs have been brewing in coffee technology lately. NASA developed a zero-gravity coffee cup for astronauts, and a company called James Cropper reportedly invented a pioneering means of recycling throwaway coffee cups.

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