Coffee Maker Cooking: Surprising Things You Can Make (PHOTOS)

Like breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert.

If you're one of those people who only makes coffee in their coffee maker, you're missing out on the full potential of this appliance. That coffee pot sitting on your kitchen counter can make you breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert -- as well as a decent cup of coffee.

We know what you're thinking, why in the world would you want to poach fish steaks (yes, this is possible) and make coffee in the same vessel? Truth is, you probably wouldn't want too if you had easy access to a normal kitchen. But for those people who live in small closets that are being rented as studios, students living in dorms or frequent hotel visitors, this will change your life.

Also, if you just want to be equipped with MacGyver-like skills in case of an unforeseeable emergency, you should read on. And just as MacGyver would do, cook at your own risk.

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Coffee Pot Cooking

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