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You Can Craft A Coffee Maker Out Of Legos And Concrete

However, doing so before you've had ample amounts of caffeine is not advised.

Sure, you could use an old Mr. Coffee, or order a cup at Starbucks. But why go the simple route for coffee when you can construct your own coffee maker out of Lego blocks and concrete? That's rhetorical, of course. The process may take time, and you may have to pester your niece until she relinquishes her most intact Lego pieces, but it'll all be worth it: Nothing wakes a person up better than a quality cup of hard-earned caffeine.

The concept for this sculptural creation comes from HomeMade Modern. Check out the magic in the video above, and then, if you're so inclined, make your very own version by following their instructions. We'll be supporting you from a distance, sipping on endless cups of more boringly brewed joe.

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