'Coffee N' Clothes' Instagram Account Is What We Wish Our Lives Looked Like

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram, clicked on a random photo and discovered an account that was literally what you wanted your life to look like? Welcome to "Coffee N' Clothes" -- an Insta account that will incite envy in .02 seconds.

Cool clothes? Check. Fabulous accessories? Yep. Coffee porn? Count on it.

The Huffington Post sat down with Ryan Glick, the creator of the incredible account, and learned how his idea came about.

"When I first moved to New York I would just walk around and find new coffee shops," said Glick. "One day I was walking and wanted to take a photo of my coffee drink and I got my outfit in there too. I used the hashtag #coffeenclothes and noticed that no one had used it. The idea just went from there and I created my account."

Started in March 2014, Coffee N' Clothes has since grown to nearly 80,000 followers. While Glick does take photos for the account, he also invites people to submit their own photos, using the hashtag #coffeenclothes.

People go crazy for the chance to be featured. "It's very native to the Instagram concept -- everyone is always showing off their outfits and their coffee drinks," said Glick. "It's the perfect combination, even offline."

Check out more photos from Coffee N' Clothes below:

And if you're looking for even more delicious, cup o' joe inspired Instagram accounts, we suggest you head over to "Men And Coffee" and scroll your heart out.

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